Write What You Love/Love What You Write

Three Good Reasons To Love Your Songs

The kind of love I’ve been talking about is not something that happens overnight. It comes from putting in the countless hours necessary to perfect your craft, incorporating others’ suggestions that make sense to you and ignoring the ones that don’t. (more…)


Home Studio Recording

In this era of ever-changing technology, there is so much to stay up to date with, that it can at times seem overwhelming.  Simplicity is the key.  The right microphones, pre-amp, and the cleanest recording signal are the platform on which a solid Home Studio can and should be built upon. (more…)

Social Media:Making the Net Work

Facebook, GooglePlus,Twitter, Stumbleupon, Youtube, so many choices.  Where do you begin and why?  Once you begin, how do you effectively maintain all of these networks?  There is an old proverb that says, The Journey of a thousand miles begins with but one step.” The same holds true for Social Media Networking.  Explore these sites, and discover which and what works best for you.

While I’ve found that Social Media is ever evolving, there is however one constant, and that is being “social”.  This is something that is often overlooked, but is the key component to making the Net work for you.

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DAW-Digital Audio Workstation

Digital Music Software

With so many choices available on the market today, which DAW is the right one for you? I’ve personally been using Sony Acid Pro for the past few years. The latest version Sony Acid Pro 7.0 is very saavy, yet quite User-friendly. The Mixing and Recording capabilities are exceptional.  It offers full 24-Bit multitrack recording and mixing, as well as MIDI sequencing.The ability to Import Third Party Plug-Ins and Effects into a Mix is invaluable.   Sony Acid Pro 7 is a great tool for Novice and Pro alike.

SOPA:The Dirty Little Word

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The 4-Letter Acronym That Could Kill The New Music Industry

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By Jeff Price

As some of you may already know, there are two bills bouncing around Capitol Hill called PIPA and SOPA that are supposed to stop websites and internet services from illegally giving away other people’s music (this also extends to film, books, software, video games etc., but I am only going to focus on the music side of things). (more…)

Define and Refine

In this age of cookie-cutter Music, it can be scary to buck the trend.   Brave the Uncharted, be who you are as an artist, musician, producer or songwriter.  Once you’ve defined that identity, refine yourself.   This will make you and what you have to offer relevant.  Enjoy the journey…..

Happy New Year

As a Producer, Songwriter and Artist, I’m excited about this year.  2011 afforded me the opportunity to work with Stan JonesThe Way I Hear It, Donald Payne-Payneless Advice Motivational Mix. and to record my own album with Bassist Lloyd Foulks-Sonic Phunk-Digital Extasy. 

Things are really progressing and I’m stoked about some future endeavors.  Happy New Year to you, and let’s make history in 2012!